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How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?

The Adelaide Smart City Studio will create opportunities for innovators to build the products and services that will be needed across the world for other cities to be truly smart.

The Studio has been designed as a flexible space that encourages collaboration in all its forms.

The space can be used:

  • To provide large and small workspaces for collaboration between developers, project teams or groups of students
  • As a demonstration space, where new services, applications and technologies can be tested and explained
  • As a space to host events and meetings
  • As a showcase for educating the community, developers and entrepreneurs.

Adelaide Smart City Studio is open. Become a part of it.

  • If you are a software developer looking for support to create new smart city applications……
  • If you are a technology service provider keen to partner with others to address smart city opportunities…
  • If you are an innovator with a new product or service ready to trial in a smart city living laboratory…
  • If you are an educator or researcher seeking to experiment in a living laboratory of smart city services …
  • If you are a government agency or local council wanting to improve efficiency or solve a problem and you think technology and smart city thinking could play a part…

To see how the New Venture Institute , Microsoft and Xped are already involved with the Adelaide Smart City Studio click here

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Adelaide Smart City Prospectus

This prospectus sets out an exciting and imaginative proposition for Adelaide: to grasp the opportunities presented by the evolution of the Internet.
Download now: Adelaide Smart City Prospectus (English)
Download now: Adelaide Smart City Prospectus (Chinese)

Phone: + 61 8 8203 7201