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Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects

The pilot projects will establish new smart technology and infrastructure to provide real-time services including:

Smart Environmental Monitor 

This Smart Environment Monitor pilot project will collect a variety of information which will be made available to the public via open data. 

The sensors will monitor a range of environmental factors such as CO2, dust, sound and temperature.  This data can then be used to create innovative solutions to improve the experience of the city. 

Smart Parking

The Smart Parking pilot project will provide city drivers with the ability to locate, pay and top up an on-street car park space via a mobile app on their smart phone or device. 

The technology will also aim to support parking and information officers to improve the management of on-street parking spaces by monitoring usage.

Smart Lighting

The Smart Lighting pilot project will enable energy consumption to be measured on a light by light basis as well as trial and test different lighting controls such as dimming the lights and the use of motion detectors.

Smart lighting will also ensure a safe environment for the public through:

Real-time monitoring of street lights with automated fault detection alerts and programmable remote controls. It will manage the brightness of the street lights, and can automatically adjust based on periods of inactivity.

For further information visit Smart Lighting Trial Project.

For more information on these projects get in contact:

Phone: + 61 8 8203 7201