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What is already happening?

What is already happening?

Cisco has installed its latest TelePresence video conferencing technology in the Adelaide Smart City Studio so experts or project participants from anywhere in the city or the world can participate, collaborate and share knowledge.   

A network of sensors is being installed around the CBD to support Smart City Pilot Projects. Technology like this will help us better manage things like energy consumption, carbon emissions and the movement of people – and enable us to create informative and entertaining city experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Plans are also underway for Ten Gigabit City Network – an Australian first fibre-optic network capable of delivering lightning fast 10Gb/s* internet speeds enable businesses, institutions, governments, researchers and entrepreneurs to tap into the network, connect with each other and export their services to the world.

A number of pilot projects are already underway. The Environmental Monitoring, Smart Lighting and Smart Parking are all pilot projects which will help Adelaide realise its ambition in becoming one of the world’s first smart cities.  

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