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Facts and Figures

Adelaide is one of the best cities in the world to live, work, do business and invest. It offers the ideal combination of quality of life, convenient location, efficient public transport, world-class infrastructure and proactive government support for business.

<p>Strong forecast economic and population growth</p>

Strong forecast economic and population growth

<p>Highly skilled workforce</p>

Highly skilled workforce

<p>Excellent transport and trade infrastructure</p>

Excellent transport and trade infrastructure

<p>Affordable commercial and residential property</p>

Affordable commercial and residential property

<p>One of the most liveable city's in the world (5th)</p>

One of the most liveable city's in the world (5th)

<p>Forecast population 2026</p>


Forecast population 2026

<p>City economy</p>


City economy

<p>across the City</p>

Free Wifi

across the City

<p>square metres of office space in the City</p>


square metres of office space in the City

<p>Current major development</p>


Current major development

<p>Planned transport expenditure next 30 years</p>


Planned transport expenditure next 30 years

<p>Employed in the CBD</p>


Employed in the CBD

<p>Adelaide average annual wage</p>


Adelaide average annual wage

<p>South Australia average annual wage</p>


South Australia average annual wage

<p>Australian average annual wage</p>


Australian average annual wage

<p>Students at City schools, universities and colleges</p>


Students at City schools, universities and colleges

<p>7.5% SA 8.1% AUS <br />
<strong>Post Graduate</strong></p>


7.5% SA 8.1% AUS 
Post Graduate

<p>29.4% SA 29.4% AUS <br />


29.4% SA 29.4% AUS 

<p>14.1% SA 36.1% AUS <br />


14.1% SA 36.1% AUS 

<p>Daily visitors to the CBD</p>


Daily visitors to the CBD

<p>Drive from City centre to Adelaide airport</p>

10 mins

Drive from City centre to Adelaide airport

<p>City hotels and accommodation</p>


City hotels and accommodation

<p>Hotel rooms in the CBD</p>


Hotel rooms in the CBD