Published: August 22, 2019

Optus will work with Adelaide satellite communications company Myriota to grow the Internet of Things for commercial customers.

Myriota will combine Optus’s network with its satellite links to potentially connect up millions of devices, particularly in remote and regional areas.

“We’ll be adding our connectivity to the suite of offerings Optus has for their customers,” Myriota chief executive Alex Grant said.

“We’ll be able to take data from Optus customers’ devices in the field, bring them over our satellite network then back down to the ground and integrate it back to the customers.”

Premier Steven Marshall said the deal would create new opportunities in SA.

“It’s great news for SA and, quite frankly, it’s great news for the world because the work they are doing is globally leading,” he said

Myriota already has four satellites in orbit and is scheduled to launch the next three by the end of this year.

Optus Business managing director Chris Mitchell and Myriota chief executive Alex Grant.

The first arrangement of its kind in Australia, will involve low-cost, long battery life connections to devices.

The devices will allow companies to track assets across Australia, even in the most remote areas.

Applications include farmers tracking stock, water holdings and status of infrastructure and logistics companies tracking vehicles and services.

Optus Business managing director Chris Mitchell said he was excited to see the impact that collaborating with Myriota would have for Optus customers.

“Working with innovative start-ups like Myriota allows Optus Business to help our customers capture the business improvements of next generation technologies,” Mr Mitchell said.

Dr Grant said it had been difficult for people in remote areas to use internet of things technology.

“Previously, satellite connectivity has not been available or affordable for businesses with remote assets, but nanosatellites are providing a more attainable and affordable solution,” he said.

Costs will depend on the tailored services for individual customers.

Myriota already had links with Optus via Singtel Innov8 — the venture capital arm of parent company Singtel — being part of a $US15 million capital-raising in 2018.

Dr Grant said Myriota intended to expand its services to other telco partners in the future.

Adelaide satellite company Myriota links with Optus to offer remote customers internet of things by Chris Russell originally seen in The Advertiser, 20 August 2019. 

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