Published: December 17, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionised industries and taken the customised consumer experience to new heights. 

More and more businesses are embracing the potential for Artificial Intelligence to increase efficiency levels - through automation, predicting customer needs, enhancing security and improving investment. 

Adelaide already has a global reputation as a city that galvanises bright minds and big ideas to create innovative communities. The newly-opened AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) co-founded by Dr. John Flackett and Emma Berry, is a prime example of this with its aim to empower companies to leverage available AI technologies to solve business problems.

Having quietly developed internal AI solutions for over a decade – specialising in fundamental algorithm research to create better learning machines, the duo identified the potential to leverage Adelaide’s existing strong innovation ecosystem to grow South Australia into the nation’s leading Artificial Intelligence state. Dr. Flackett also saw the establishment of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning in Lot Fourteen and infrastructure like Ten Gigabit Adelaide and the availability of highly skilled and specialised talent in SA, as key drivers in choosing Adelaide as AiLab’s base. 

With a PhD in AI and many years of teaching and speaking on Artificial Intelligence internationally, Dr. Flackett is now sharing his 20 years of AI experience with South Australia through private and public workshops ranging from beginner to advanced levels of learning, using and transitioning to AI. In addition to the workshops, AiLab wants to ensure education is widely available through free globally relevant research, verified news, and free online resources – all accessible on their website. 

“Our aim is to bring AI into the mainstream and help as many people as possible navigate the world of AI by collaborating with global experts to provide education, insights, research and exclusive interviews,” says Dr. Flackett.

Following a year in development and being open to early registrations, AiLab launched to the public five months ago and has already uncovered an engaged local community with an appetite to join the AI conversation through the organisation and sponsorship of the Adelaide Artificial Intelligence meetup group. The first of its kind in South Australia, this unique networking offering has consistently sold out, with over one hundred attendees at each event. 

As AI becomes an integral aspect of both business models and the customer journey, the need for ethics and privacy regulation and policies is vital. To that end, AiLab is also extending its conversation to include the implications of Artificial Intelligence, facilitating discussions with government, industry and the community. 
With a mission to democratise Artificial Intelligence technologies, AiLab is looking to collaborate and partner with organisations to further Artificial Intelligence awareness, employment, business and education in the state.