Published: September 06, 2018

South Australia has received an influx of defence jobs and attention thanks to the recent  boom in shipbuilding and air force base development. South Australia and the defence industry have together gained significant media coverage, featuring as a powerful partnership.

In addition to the defence industry impacting the entire state, it will also have a significant impact on the City of Adelaide.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese believes there are significant opportunities for the defence industry to leverage what will be Australia’s first 10 Gbps fibre optic network.

“Through the Ten Gigabit Network, the City of Adelaide is establishing Adelaide as one of the fastest connected cities in the world – by the time we connect just 500 buildings, our city will be leading the way as one of the fastest and most affordable connected cities in the world,” said the Lord Mayor.

As 21st century defence projects are all about global collaborations, this state of the art infrastructure will aid in improving the amenity in CBD and enabling it to support such interconnectedness around the globe.

“We have had some really positive conversations with several defence personnel and departments and the opportunities Ten Gigabit Adelaide will enable are immense.” said the Lord Mayor.

City of Adelaide’s Associate Director, Information Management Peter Auhl is a firm believer that there can be huge opportunities to be capitalized on within the defence sector, with an example being advanced robotics delivered remotely.

“With the Naval Group in France, remote assistance can provide advice on a submarine build in real time, without the need to be right next to the infrastructure. We have presented to the French Australian Chamber of Commerce and the opportunity this infrastructure presents to forge a stronger economic relationship is immense.”

The nature of this revolutionary infrastructure will provide an added dimension of safety and security for defence projects. “Obviously that is something that we are really conscious of, we want industries such as defence to trust and access this infrastructure capability”.

“We understand 21st century defence projects are all about global collaborations and we are building the infrastructure and amenity in the CBD to support such interconnectedness across the globe” says Peter.

Within the City of Adelaide there are currently 130 full time employees in the defence industry, and once the Ten Gigabit Network goes live, this number is expected to soar. Prepare for a game changer in the defence industry.