Published: November 01, 2018

The Duke of Brunswick has had many lives over its 160-year tenure. 

The original hotel was established in 1858 before the current hotel was built in 1912. Fast forward to present day where Simone Douglas has taken the reigns. It has since evolved into a space that unites the community, heralding the beloved heritage pub as the Best Business that makes Adelaide more Liveable in 2018.

As a social media and marketing professional, Simone has brought disruption and innovation to the table in expanding what a pub space can be for the community.  There is a distinct entrepreneurial theme that resonates through the walls of 207 Gilbert Street, with the establishment of a business hub on the upper level which houses 11 businesses. The Duke of Brunswick has also established three Business Networking International chapters which draws over 100 business owners and managers through its doors each week.

The monthly Publications Markets give small businesses and creatives a platform to bring their wares into the world. The pub also champions social entrepreneurship through hosting Face to Face meetups. The Face to Face meetups draw a diverse range of people who seek to cultivate social change on issues such as homelessness, inclusive leadership and social enterprise.

Throw in a Dungeons & Dragons at the pub night and events for groups like Improv Adelaide and Cystic Fibrosis SA, a monthly DogDayz event with ticket proceeds going to the Animal Welfare League, and Pilates, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t feel welcome at the Duke of Brunswick. Local community groups can also book meeting spaces at the pub, free of charge.

“The Duke of Brunswick Hotel has been transformed into an authentic, friendly and creative community hub catering for all walks of life, including dogs. Simone’s understated passion to drive positive community outcomes is impressive,” said City Awards Judge Nicole Rolfe.

The inclusive and refreshing approach has invigorated the community’s appetite for the Duke of Brunswick, with the business expanding rapidly in a small amount of time. Less than a year since taking over, trade has doubled, and staff numbers have increased from one to eight.

Visit the Duke of Brunswick website.

The new Business Excellence City Awards Category was introduced in this year's The City Awards in June. It recognises businesses in the city and North Adelaide who contribute significantly to the culture, economy, sustainability and creativity of Adelaide. Winners were announced in June and received $1250 from sponsor epay.

The Business Excellence City Awards comprise of:

Best Green Business

Best Creative Business

Best Smart Business

Best Business that makes Adelaide more Liveable