Published: November 26, 2018

Since Electra House underwent a notable $10 million makeover in 2015, The City Awards Best Green Business winner has ingrained sustainability as a key driver in both its operations and culture. 

Electra House has leveraged technology to lead the way in sustainable practices whilst maintaining the essence of the historically significant building which was designed in 1901 by architect John Quinton Bruce, who also designed Carclew House in North Adelaide.

Electra House has left no sustainable stone unturned, weaving environmental consciousness and the minimisation of their carbon footprint and waste production through every aspect of the business. In less than a year, the venue has gone from having 95% of general waste produced going directly to landfill to an impressive 99.5% of waste produced avoiding landfill - all through the development of a system provided by Suez. The building uses LED lighting to minimise electricity usage while the installation of Nordic taps reduces the amount of water that comes through when in use.

The green ethos has also served as a unique point of difference to consumers. In a time where Australian pubs average an annual use of approximately 90,000 plastic straws, Electra House has been plastic straw-free since June 2017. They have instead opted for Vegware’s fully compostable plastic-straw alternatives made of corn starch or sugar cane. Waste minimalisation has inspired the menu, with both chefs and mixologists utilising the majority of an ingredient in creative ways that delight their diners. Instead of importing drinks or ingredients, local producers dominate the menu which not only shows off all that South Australia has to offer but also minimises their carbon footprint.

Over the last 3 years, Electra House has had 77 full-time staff which is a testament to their ethos of nurturing and promoting in-house talent with the goal of building a formidable team. In addition to being one of the city’s favourite watering holes, Electra House’s corporate social responsibility and contributions to the community extend far beyond their sustainable practices. They are deeply involved with the local community, contributing to local schools and charities such as the Little Heroes Foundation, Loreto College and HYPA as well as supporting local arts associations.

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The new Business Excellence City Awards Category recognises businesses in the city and North Adelaide who contribute significantly to the culture, economy, sustainability and creativity of Adelaide. Winners receive $1250 from sponsor epay.

The Business Excellence City Awards comprise of:

Best Green Business

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