Published: August 24, 2018

With six city restaurants making the prestigious AFR’s Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants list, Adelaide’s gourmet food and wine offerings reputation is being domestically and globally recognised - and it’s converting into profound economic results.

This year the South Australian Tourism Commission, in partnership with the City of Adelaide, embarked on a new sponsorship of MasterChef Australia to further promote the State as a premier food and drink destination. With an average national audience of over 1.1 million viewers, SATC have revealed the impact has been impressive. MasterChef Australia dedicated a week in South Australia with various challenges and features delving into culinary stars such as the Adelaide Central Market, Orana, Mothervine and Africola. The numbers are in and the sponsorship has so far led to an astounding 65,000 hits across food and drink webpages and 1,1000 leads to South Australian tourism operators.

In an interview with AdNews, SATC Executive Director of Marketing, Brent Hill, saw the MasterChef sponsorship as an opportunity to highlight what South Australia has to offer experientially rather than a “setting-based” approach.

"We found that we were indexing really nicely on certain parts, particularly parts like wineries and wine and so on and increasingly so on food, but we wanted to keep pushing the envelope," Hill said in AdNews.

"Then we looked at it and thought MasterChef is a really large reaching program and people really value it and believe it's a credible voice."

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said that MasterChef filming in Adelaide presented a great opportunity to showcase the city to a huge audience.

“It has been terrific to see MasterChef spending time in the city.”

“The City of Adelaide want to show the many thousands of viewers watching this great show that, when it comes to food and wine experiences, we think Adelaide is number one,” said the Lord Mayor.

Ambassador Gary Mehigan is at the helm of the ongoing campaign promoting both iconic and boutique food and wine experiences. Videos of Gary’s exploration of South Australian hotspots have reached over 1.3 million people and have been seen 4.7 million times.     

South Australia already boasts a notable presence of MasterChef alumni including Adam Liaw, Poh Ling Yeow and Callum Hann. The icing on the cake to this year’s sponsorship is welcoming another South Aussie to the fold, winner of 2018 MasterChef, Sashi Cheliah.

JLL Australia has reported that the boutique food and wine offering in Adelaide has been a major driver of local real estate development, tourism and retail spending. South Australia also accounts for 61 per cent of Australia’s total wine exports and last year achieved its highest global sales in ten years. There are undeniable expansive economic opportunities in our unique food and wine sector.