Published: June 04, 2019

A network of global co-working spaces will set up shop in Adelaide as part of Axiom Properties’ $180 million office and hotel development on Currie St.

Work Club, which opened its first co-working space in Sydney in 2013, has agreed to take two floors, or 1600sqm, in Axiom’s SIXTY2CURRIE project, which won development approval last month.

However, for Work Club founder and chief executive Soren Trampedach, the deal is about much more than just office space - it’s about building a community of diverse members and partners - both inside and outside of the building.

“We’re not interested in just a site with two or three floors, and just creating our thing and popping it in,” he said.

“We’re looking for a partner like a QT (Hotel), like a Paul (Rouvray) from Axiom, who is actually trying to do something bigger than just a block and then long-term leases.

“What we’re interested in is creating eco-systems, whether it’s arts, whether it’s business, whether it’s culture, because that’s what we are - we’re not just business, we’re also philosophy, we’re also wellness, we’re also mind.

“It’s about bringing the individuals, the freelancers, the creatives together, and trying to create a bit of friction and seeing what comes out of that.

“The magic really becomes our ability to create encounters and conversations between all these different types of people - real conversations.”

Work Club operates three clubs in Sydney and one in Melbourne, with another club planned in each of those cities in the next six months.

Adelaide-based members will have access to interstate clubs, as well as international affiliate clubs in cities including Shanghai, London, Copenhagen and Bahrain.

Work Club founder and chief executive Soren Trampedach.

Originally from Denmark, and with a background in Danish furniture design, Mr Trampedach has become a thought leader on new work culture and innovation, consulting to major companies including Google, Deloitte, NAB and Facebook.

He established Work Club as a “premium boutique” work space for individuals and businesses of all sizes, and in support of a global trend towards flexible working environments.

“What is happening is all major companies are moving towards 30 per cent flexible space,” he said.

“Ten years from now, whether Work Club is here or not, 30 per cent of all real estate will be flexible - a company instead of taking 100sqm, they will take 70sqm long-term, 20 per cent they will take with a one-to-three year commitment and 10 per cent just on demand.

“Our latest site in Sydney is Macquarie, it’s ANZ, it’s a big American firm, we’ve got National Geographic.

“Every single company is starting to look at how they’re going to do it - we will support that with what we already have now.”

Axiom general manager Paul Rouvray said he was working closely with Work Club and QT Hotels - which will operate 200 rooms in the building - on a vision to create a building that encourages people to “stay, work and play” all in one place.

“Work Club’s hybrid shared space for people and organisations wanting to break free of the conventions of traditional workplaces will complement our philosophy perfectly,” he said.

“Work Club will showcase a brand prestige that is unrivalled in the Adelaide market. It will be an incredible premium option for businesses, truly reflective of a timeless European and Danish aesthetic.”

Mr Rouvray said tenants were being sought for eight remaining floors in the building.

Work Club expects to launch its Adelaide club in 2021, following completion of the new tower.

Premium co-working group Work Club to open in Adelaide by Giuseppe Tauriello originally appeared in The Advertiser 3 June 2019.  

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