Published: May 14, 2015

FOR a century KPMG has been a prominent player in the global audit, tax and advisory services sector and their Adelaide base fills an important role in both the global presence of the firm and the local South Australian business community.

Adelaide director Con Tragakis said KPMG prides itself on being a network of expertise with local connections, meaning that the company can provide insightful guidance for almost every industry in an on-the-ground context.  Their involvement with the private sector, start-ups and not-for-profits is extensive, facilitating growth in many of Adelaide’s entrepreneurial ventures.

 “Our motto has always been to build deep local partnerships while bringing the best of KPMG to our clients from national and global specialists.

“In Adelaide we employ a number of non-accountants such as IT specialists, engineers and economists who focus on research and development in infrastructure.”

Today, the Adelaide office has 15 partners and employs about 200 staff.

Mr Tragakis said Adelaide was, at times, a challenging city for businesses but one that provided great advantages for those wanting to try bold approaches and enterprising reform.

“Adelaide is a smaller city so we can be agile and do something other cities can’t.”

KPMG has found Adelaide to be the perfect place to trial innovative approaches with local businesses before rolling them out interstate and abroad.

 “We have spent a lot of energy making Adelaide a great place to live, now Adelaide is becoming a great place to do business.”