Published: June 17, 2019

As the rollout continues, local businesses are looking to Ten Gigabit Adelaide for reliable and secure data connections.

Specialists in solvency management, Meertens Chartered Accountants offer liquidation and insolvency advice to clients nationwide. With a wealth of expertise to minimise personal and corporate loss, Meertens help businesses ensure their assets are returned to the marketplace and provide a process to 'close the book' on what can be crippling debt.

Located at Grenfell Street, Meertens are harnessing the speed and consistent service of Ten Gigabit Adelaide to work simultaneously with their Darwin office. 

“Ten Gigabit Adelaide is an important resource for this firm. Having a fast, reliable internet capacity is a business enabler,” says James McPherson, Director.

“This firm is nimble and having that resource allows us to work nationally and most effectively and efficiently.”

With speed and reliability comes the prospect of growth. A bold infrastructure project, the first of its kind in Australia, Ten Gigabit Adelaide’s citywide fibre optic network increases the capabilities of local businesses by removing connectivity barriers. Businesses can embrace cloud services without the limitations to speed, reliability and data security.

James McPherson, Director, Meertens Chartered Accountants

“How I see Ten Gigabit Adelaide opening our business to new opportunities, firstly and importantly is business continuity, overcoming business interruptions for events we just can’t plan for,” explains Mr McPherson. 

“It provides us with scalability, flexibility and it gives us certain confidence to go forward and create business networks knowing that we have a reliable data network behind us.”

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan here.