Published: May 12, 2015

Adelaide has never looked better, leading property developer Steve Maras says.

The Maras Group has been at the forefront of Adelaide’s business community in varying forms for more than 30 years. So Steve Maras, who runs the commercial and retail property investment company established by his father Theo, has seen the many phases of Adelaide’s development.

“Adelaide has really changed in the last four to five years, more so than in the 15 years before that,” Mr Maras said.

What we’re now seeing in every segment of Adelaide is the city starting to blossom, which is a great thing.

“The changing philosophy of the city is consistent with making it a more interesting place, a place to come and discover.”

Maras Group has been the driving force behind several large-scale projects, including the regeneration and reinvigoration of Adelaide’s East End district and Rundle Mall. Their work helped attract global and national boutique brands such as Tiffany’s, Zimmerman and Alannah Hill to the revered shopping precincts.

They have also nurtured smaller entrepreneurial projects from seed idea to fruition through helping start-ups find a space and outlet for their energies. For example, their support in the establishment of the Ebenezer Night Markets has exposed stallholders to 3000 to 5000 visitors per occasion.

“The whole of the city and the areas that make it up are all starting to prosper, to find their own identity,” Mr Maras said.

“We’re now seeing a multitude of places that offer different experiences.”

He said Adelaide had several attributes that made it a great small city: a flat plain and a simple grid system of streets.

“Adelaide is a great place to live; we’ve got a great city, the ability to move around our city is easy and we’re a safe city.”

What is the one point that really sets it apart, however?

“Connectivity. It’s an easy place to network, meet people and then form and nurture long-standing relationships.”