Published: March 29, 2019

CBD-based Rising Sun Pictures continues to take the world by storm. 

Captain Marvel is the latest blockbuster to join Rising Sun Pictures’ impressive portfolio. The movie has grossed over US$920 million at the box office globally since opening 8 March. The digital visual effects company worked alongside the Marvel Studios’ inhouse team to create complex VFXX sequences for key scenes in the movie including a mostly 3D military hangar built beneath a mountain with support beam, aircrafts, fuel tanks, hangar doors and technology.

The company, now approaching its 24th year, has grown its local employee base to over 200, with many working from their studio on Pulteney Street. It has provided global opportunities and career paths for local creative talent whilst also attracting specialists from across the globe. Rising Sun Pictures’ film reel includes some of the biggest movies to come out of Hollywood including Peter Rabbit, The Great Gatsby and films from the Harry Potter, Hunger Games and X-Men series.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of RSP, Tony Clark is an Emmy Award-winning Cinematographer and sees significant potential growth for creative industries in Adelaide.

“The work we do in Visual Effects is very much in demand globally. New growth is being driven by outlets such as Netflix and Disney’s streaming service, and markets like China where their local skills aren’t yet as developed as our own.  The potential to combine our wonderful lifestyle here in Adelaide with these cutting-edge opportunities means there’s plenty of room for the industry to expand and embrace emerging technologies like Virtual and Augmented reality.”

Rising Sun Pictures is one of over 500 businesses who registered interest in the City of Adelaide's revolutionary infrastructure Ten Gigabit Adelaide, which is currently rolling out. Ten Gigabit Adelaide’s vastly improved internet connectivity, cybersecurity and synchronised upload and download speeds is transforming how various sectors find solutions and deliver experiences.  

In another show of continued confidence in Adelaide’s creative sector, VFX global giant Technicolor is set to move into Adelaide Myer Centre next month. The company is expected to inject over $250 million into the local economy and generate up to 400 jobs over the next decade.  

Images: Rising Sun Pictures/Marvel Studios