Published: January 08, 2019

Adelaide is carving a global reputation as a future-focused city where innovation and big ideas thrive. 

As the winner of Best Smart Business in this year’s Business Excellence City Awards, Shoal Engineering is a key example of a local enterprise leveraging their expertise in complex planning to set an international standard of best practice across various industries including space systems, submarines, satellite communication systems and transportation systems.

Shoal recognises the fundamental role that technology plays in meeting the challenges of an increasingly interconnected and integrated landscape. Shoal’s active Internal Research and Development (IRD) program tackles these challenges head-on, producing state-of-art techniques for conceptual design in a variety of industries. Systems that comprehensively consider the political and social contexts within integrated sub-systems are described and designed through the of use relational datasets and models in software. This agile approach, which has only recently been adopted by leading space designers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has been applied to more than 75 large, complex and technology-intensive projects and is also utilised in-house. 

The fostering of new ideas is integral to Shoal’s culture. This ethos has seen the company flourish from a start-up and has helped to attract the brightest minds, which is now a team of over fifty fulltime employees. The testing and sharing of ideas are seen as equally important components of success, with employees encouraged to submit research papers for peer review at both national and international conferences across various industries. Shoal is an inspiring example of what is possible through a commitment to collaboration, creativity and innovation.

The new Business Excellence City Awards Category recognises businesses in the city and North Adelaide who contribute significantly to the culture, economy, sustainability and creativity of Adelaide. Winners receive $1250 from sponsor epay.

The Business Excellence City Awards comprise of:

Best Green Business

Best Creative Business

Best Smart Business

Best Business that makes Adelaide more Liveable