Published: August 13, 2019

Teamgage facilitates the transformation of company culture through smart technology tools to improve business outcomes and productivity.

 Teamgage take a dynamic approach to culture improvement using an agile framework. Recognising the importance of wellbeing and engagement in the workplace, Teamgage created an online tool to help measure and improve on company culture in real time. As an alternate to HR engagement surveys, the innovative culture improvement platform enables businesses to collect employee feedback which is then used to guide business improvements and strategy.

Comprehensive and immediate feedback is collected which lowers risk and cost for businesses who are enabled to develop informed strategies in shorter timeframes. Strategic outcomes can then be analysed through this continuous improvement process.  

The design of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is centred around user experience and can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile. The reporting interface allows for easy distribution to stakeholders and inclusion in presentations. Employee experience is seamless with feedback submission taking a mere 20 seconds via the user interface.

Teamgage's technology and product development is driven by business outcomes and continuous improvement. The team has bootstrapped the business, participated in accelerator programs, hired more than a dozen people, and is now scaling-up. Their success has spread globally, positioning Teamgage as a leader in Adelaide’s start up community – an ecosystem they actively support and contribute to.

Visit the Teamgage website.

The Business Excellence City Awards Category recognises businesses in the city and North Adelaide who contribute significantly to the culture, economy, sustainability and creativity of Adelaide. Winners receive a slice of a $20,000 prize pool to put towards marketing and advisory services with Business SA and The Messenger publications. 

The Business Excellence City Awards comprise of:

Best Green Business

Best Creative Business

Best Smart Business

Best Business that makes Adelaide more Liveable