Published: March 20, 2018

The exciting launch of Ten Gigabit Adelaide at the Adelaide Town Hall on the 5th March was a fitting introduction for this revolutionary high-speed fibre optic data network that is already being rolled out across the City of Adelaide.

The announcement of Australia's first 10Gbps fibre-optic network has led to an influx of support and interest from businesses considering the establishment of offices in the City to reap the benefits of guaranteed and symmetrical 10Gbps data speeds and a range of cloud-based services. 

Already own a commercial building in the City of Adelaide?  

  • Should you be interested in taking up the opportunity to be connected to Ten Gigabit Adelaide and you receive a letter from TPG, action the letter ASAP to improve the chances of your building being selecyed.
  • There is no charge for the installation of Ten Gigabit Adelaide infrastructure into commercial buildings.
  • Building owners can proactively register their building/s for connection here.

 Are you a business interested in getting access to Ten Gigabit Adelaide? 

  • Speak to your landlord to encourage them to agree for the building to be connected.
  • Once the infrastructure has been installed into a building, businesses can choose from a range of services at highly competitive prices.
  • Businesses can proactively register their interest to access Ten Gigabit Adelaide here.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide will fundamentally change how Adelaide does business with the world, and has the potential to provide your building with a competitive edge.  Pricing for Ten Gigabit Adelaide services will be highly competitive; making high speed connectivity available to a wide range of industries and businesses at an accessible price.

For further information visit or contact