Published: May 21, 2019

The Ten Gigabit Adelaide Network is a project partnership between the City of Adelaide and TPG Telecom connecting businesses via a 10 Gbps future generation fibre optic broadband network.

TPG offer a 10 Gbps access connection with broadband plans starting from 1Gbps with the option of upgrading to 10Gbps or a point-to-point connection at the 10Gbps speed within the network at a “market lending” rate. Businesses sign up to a standard contract term of 48 months that comes with $0 set up, with 36 and 24 month options.

TPG Telecom head of product and carrier management Nick Pachos says a faster broadband service with uninterrupted and instant communication, is a necessity for the modern business.

“Software and apps that were traditionally installed on local computers are now increasingly provided as cloud based solutions,” said Mr Pachos. “Fibre optic internet is capable of much higher bandwidth compared to other available technologies.”

Mr Pachos says their 10Gbps access with 1Gbps of internet plan is already 30 times faster as download speed and is “the best value internet connection anywhere in the country”.

“The average household internet download speed is 33 Mbps,’’ he said. “If you consider upload speed which is crucial for business, the gap will be much bigger as upload speed for households is typically much slower than download. This speed is symmetrical which means you can both download and upload at what your full connection speed allows (e.g. 1Gbps-10 Gbps).

“If you get the full upgrade to the 10Gbps (10,000 Mbps) speed the 10 Gig network is capable of, you will be 300 times faster than the average household speed.

“On the other hand, the standard nbn100 speed tier only provides speeds of up to 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload.’’

Mr Pachos says businesses will experience less slow down even when there are multiple users on the network and there is no need to update computers or software.

“The end point connection to user devices such as computers will be via Ethernet or WiFi, which is the same as any other broadband connection,’’ he said.

“However, businesses may need to upgrade their network equipment to get the full benefits of the bandwidth the 10 Gig network is capable of.

“TPG will supply a Network Termination Unit (NTU) at the business’s premises, the business will then need to connect their own network equipment to the NTU.’’

City of Adelaide, Growth director Ian Hill, says the feedback from businesses shows an increase in data speeds, reliability, productivity and cost reductions.

“Many businesses have also reported that Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a key reason for relocating or setting up business in the city,” Mr Hill said.

My Plan Manager relocated their offices to the city earlierthis year to access the Ten Gigabit project and have noticed a difference. ICT business manager Sean Bates says they have noticed the service is reliable and “rock solid” ever since they have been on it.

“At our previous location we had numerous issues with reliability — our service had numerous outages which caused significant business disruption,” he said.

“Fibre optic internet is capable of much higher bandwidth compared to other available technologies.”

Ten Gigabit delivers to businesses by Martina Simos, originally appeared in The Advertiser 21 May 2019.  

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