Published: August 27, 2019

The Foodprint Experience is a sustainable eatery that strives to get you thinking about what’s on your plate, where it’s come from and how it was produced.

Being “green” is at the heart of the establishment. Owner, Melissa Rayner has utilised her degree in Permaculture and applied permaculture principals to the business with polices to guide sourcing food locally, using 100% renewable energy and reducing food waste and packaging.

Picture perfect dishes and platters are created with locally sourced ingredients, often including a native Australian Twist. These tasty treats are heathy for you and the environment. Much of the effort in making The Footprint Experience a success however, happens outside of the kitchen.

Sourcing locally grown, and sustainably produced ingredients is a key pillar of the business, striving to share knowledge of these native ingredients and how they can be used in everyday cooking. The Footprint Experience has taken the extra step to educate young growers by enlisting local schools to grow herbs and greens to be used in their café dishes.

Sharing examples of environmental responsibility and actively tracking the journey of all products used, The Foodprint Experience has worked with suppliers to minimise waste. Finding innovative ways in reusing waste products and treating waste as a resource has also had a major impact, with 82% of waste diverted from landfill.  

Partnerships with other green organisations further support organic growing, reusable products and community education. A focus is placed on connecting people with the local environment. Social commitment and responsibility have also been displayed through providing work experience opportunities to disadvantaged young people in partnership with Common Ground and OzHarvest.

The Foodprint Experience is an experience to be proud of, one that aims to educate and change the world for the better. Spreading their message through a delicious menu, leaving tastebuds satisfied and customers informed.

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