Adelaide will be the first capital city in Australia to construct a transformational Ten Gigabit City Network.

As part of the City of Adelaide’s ‘Smart City’ agenda, Ten Gigabit City Network will provide an ‘interconnect hub’ – a new global fibre network and cloud-based data centre – to deliver lighting fast 10Gb/s internet speeds. Once in place, it will enable businesses, institutions, governments, researchers and entrepreneurs to tap into the network, connect with each other and export their services to the world.

Ten Gigabit City Network will create the fundamental architecture needed to future proof the City of Adelaide and will complement the current NBN roll-out and the State Government’s $4.7M Gig City Network.

The 10 Gig City Network would contribute to economic development of the city by growth in businesses, researchers, universities that locate and invest in the City of Adelaide.
Sectors and businesses that can benefit from the technology include:

  • Health services, as well as any business looking to export local services globally
  • Both large and small defence technology companies
  • Education
  • Software developers
  • Data Storage Centres
  • Entertainment industry, from film to gamers

How it works

A network of this type is more than just providing ultra-fast internet.

The network will enable users to connect to a growing, global interconnected optical fibre network, accessing data at phenomenal speeds and ultra-low latency, leading global business tools/services, applications, content and innovations. This is achieved through synchronous connections with global interconnects and cloud providers. 

Interconnected networks essentially provide direct and high-speed connectivity to global exchanges and cloud providers and services, avoiding the use of internet networks. Effectively providing synchronous (same speed up as down), secure, reliable data transfer.

The Ten Gigabit City Network can help future proof the city and can prepare us for innovations like autonomous vehicle technology and sensory networks. In fact, some of the users of this network are in industries and jobs yet to be created.

This network would not compete with the NBN Co roll out, nor would it interfere nor delay the NBN roll out in the city and North Adelaide. NBN will continue to provide the backbone to carry internet services for telecommunication companies in the city.

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